What is a Shipping Container?

What is a shipping container?
So, most people have heard of a shipping container but did you know that they can actually go under a few different names and have different elements to them that make them ever so unique so they can adapt to the environment or job they are needed for. Three of the most common ways a storage container is described are below, don’t be confused if you hear them referred to as one of the following:

  • Shipping Container
  • Sea Cans
  • C – Cans
  • Storage Bins

What is a Shipping Container / Sea Can / C – Can?

They mainly adopted the name of Sea Cans and C – Can because of the way they are transported, a lot of these containers are shipped across the ocean and need to be able to withstand an extensive number of elements in order to get to their destination safely.

But opposed to the 16’ pods-style containers, Sea Cans or C – Cans are unlike their typical aluminium counterparts as they are made out of 8-gauge steel which is part of the reason why they are so strong and durable, they are also theft-proof which is a major key component of the storage container.

A 20’ container can hold up to 10,000lbs of content which is a lot more, over double what a 16’ pods-style container can, as they usually hold 4,800lb or less.

Rubber gaskets along the inside of the doors, or on every seam with the 16’ pods-style containers, are in place to protect from moisture getting to the inside of the container. The more seams, the higher the risk for whatever contents that are inside becoming damaged over time. With all of easymove’s rental shipping containers we ensure that all our units have quality rubber gasket seals around the doors, which ultimately makes the unit water tight. Again, we choose to use shipping containers as we believe they, and their gasket system, are the best way to keep your contents safe, secure, moisture free and protected from weather and rodents.

Our containers can be shipped by ocean, rail or road. Being robust, they are also able to be dragged, craned, and pulled into place while keeping their structural integrity. They are built tough for long term durability. Hence why so many people are using them to build their next home!

Should I get a new container or a used one? What about wind / weather / water / rodent proof?

This really depends on what you need the container for. A new, also known as a ‘one-tripper’, shipping container is going to have minimal, to zero, damage / rust / pungent smells to them, whereas a used container may have all the above. Used containers come in a wide variety of conditions. We sell both new and used containers however we only like buying and selling Cargo Worthy containers as they are an inspected container that has been graded and ‘deemed’ worthy to be used in international shipping. With Cargo Worthy containers they have no damaged that has threatened it structurally and wind / weather / rodent / water tightness. To make things simple, the only difference between a ‘one-tripper’ and a ‘CW’ container is one may just look a little different because it has already been used for a few years beforehand. Both with store your belongs in a way that you can be confident for years to come.

When it comes to purchasing, it does really go down to personal preference, and we are happy to discuss all of the options with you.

Contact us today and we will help you determine what is right for you and the job that you wish for the container to do. With years of experience, our team is ready to take your call and answer all your questions.

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