The modular nature of shipping containers means that they can be used for all types of purposes. Nowadays they might be found pressed into service as a pop-up bar or swimming pool or even combined and renovated to make the structure of a modular house. More often of course, new and used shipping containers are used for storage or for moving household or commercial items.

When you are looking to rent or purchase a shipping container for whatever reason, it will help if you understand the various classifications that are applied to them internationally.


easymove storage and container services provide new and used shipping containers to homeowners, businesses, institutions and organisations of all sizes in the Duncan and Parkville areas of Vancouver Island. 

We offer containers in multiple sizes and configurations including  hi-cube and double door, and 40′ standard, hi-cube and double door containers and we provide insulation, power and lighting packages, and shelving options.

All new easymove containers come with a lock box.  Locks may be purchased or rented from us, or customers may provide their own.



Whether to safely store household goods while finishing a newbuild, or warehousing off season commercial goods in a dry and tamper-proof environment shipping containers are the ideal solution for temporary storage needs.

easymove can deliver the container to your property so your items are stored close at hand, or we can store your container at our EMC yard. easymove containers come in sizes 20′ and 40′ to meet all storage needs. Whether you need storage for a short period of time, or have long-term storage needs, our containers are secure, accessible and simple.


easymove containers arrive clean and ready-for-use, and feature:– high-security metal construction– convenient ground level entry for access– loading and unloading– fully opening double doors at one or both ends


If you’re a container owner who would like to sell or consign your container, get in touch with us! We’ll make it easy by picking up the container from your location and displaying it at our commercial yard.

container classifications and information


Depending on what purpose you have in mind for the container you intend to buy or rent, understanding the following internationally recognised classifications will help you decide which of our products will best suit your needs:
(New) Single Use: 
In the shipping industry, a ‘new’ container does not mean one that has never been used. Rather it is a container that has been used once to ship a single load from overseas. Because the containers we rent and sell in Duncan and Parkville were used once to ship a load to Vancouver Island, they cost significantly less than a brand-new container would. That saving is reflected in the price you pay.  
Note: One-trip (new) containers hold their value better than most used containers. 
(Used) Cargo Worthy:
To be classed as cargo worthy, containers must meet the Institute of International Container Lessors – Standard 5 (IICL5) standards of structural strength and be both wind and water tight. 
These include:
  • Structural Integrity: sound frame and walls with no significant corrosion, dents or damages that affect its structural integrity.
  • Watertightness: must be free of any leaks, holes or cracks that allow water to enter.
  • Flooring: flooring must be in good condition, with no holes or rotting wood that could cause cargo damage or compromise the container’s strength.
  • Doors: must operate properly and be capable of being securely locked.
  • Security: The container must have a functional locking mechanism that can be secured with a lock.
  • External Fittings: The container must have all its external fittings such as twist locks, corner castings, and lashing rings, properly installed and in good condition.
(Used) Wind and Water Tight:
A wind and watertight container is generally in good condition, but it may have some minor damage or wear and tear, such as dents, scratches, or surface rust. These containers are not certified as cargo-worthy, but they are still capable of keeping the cargo dry and safe during transportation. A wind and watertight container is typically used for storage purposes, or as a mobile office, or shed.
(Used) As is: 
An ‘as is’ container may have some damage which requires repair. Typically, “as-is” containers are sold at a lower price compared to cargo-worthy or wind and watertight containers, as they may have corrosion, or other issues that make them unsuitable for shipping cargo. These containers may have been retired from active use in the shipping industry, or they may have been damaged during transportation or handling.



One question that we get asked from time to time, is just how secure shipping container storage is?  Before deciding on renting a container for six months to protect your household goods or commercial stock, you want to know that your items will be kept safe and dry throughout the rental period. 
All of easymove‘s containers are impervious to moisture, rodents, product degradation and excess humidity. Optional modifications including full or ceiling-only insulation are available. Heavy duty padlocks and block locks are also available for purchase. All easymoves new containers include lockboxes



Dry Storage Container: The most common shipping container, used for shipping of dry materials. Size 20ft and 40ft.
Tunnel Container (Double Door): Doors on both ends of the container allow for quick loading and unloading of materials.
Standard: ISO 6346:1995 Type: Unventilated general purpose container Description: Vents in upper part of cargo space Group Code: GPSize Type Code: 22G1 – 20 Foot Dry Container
Size Type Code: 42G1 – 40 Foot Dry Container
Size Type Code: 45G1 – 40 Foot High Cube Dry Container



20′ (DV + DD)
40′ (DV)
40′ (HC)
Overall width 8′ 8′ 8′
Overall height 8’6″ 8’6″ 9’6″
Overall length 20′ 40′ 40′
Door opening width 7’7″ 7’7″ 7’7″
Door opening height 7’4″ 7’4″ 8’4″
Interior width 7’8″ 7’8″ 7’8″
Interior height 7’10” 7’10” 8’10”
Interior depth 19’5″ 39’5″ 39’5″
Tare weight (lb) 4900 8200 8800