At easymove storage and container services we specialize in containers for storage purposes and therefore the products you see below mostly serve that purpose.

The specialized shelving and heavy-duty dividers help get the most out of the space when packing a container while door gaskets keep the contents safe from the elements or vermin. Vents allow air to circulate and prevent the build-up of condensation. 

Like anything, as containers get older, they need a little extra TLC from time to time. Typically, we supply new seals, rust prevention, ventilation upgrades, and lubrication for the hinges of older containers.

Given their robust construction and modular shape, containers are an excellent building block for DIYers of all skill levels. From adding extra shelving to creating an entire mini-home, shipping containers are endlessly versatile and are used for everything from backyard storage to performance venues. 

For those who have some container modifications in mind, call us if you don’t see what you need on this page. We only maintain a small list of items here but have a growing inventory of accessories on hand. 

Block Lock

$44.64 + tax

Bridge Fitting

$68.72 + tax

Shelving Pipe Rack

x1: $99.90 + tax
x2: $159.84 + tax
x3: $239.76 + tax

Container Divider Heavy-Duty

$640.00 + tax

Container Door Gasket

HC: $206.32 + tax
Std: $185.52 + tax

lock box for container

Lock Box – bolt on

$91.90 + tax

Vent – Metal

Large x1: $97.90 +tax
Large x2: $156.64 + tax

Vent – Plastic

Small: $19.90 + tax

Twist Locks

$63.92 + tax


$483.76 + tax (each)

Shelving Bracket

18.5″ x1: $93.90 + tax
18.5″ x2: $150.24 + tax
18.5″ x3: $225.36 + tax
22.5″ x1: $99.90 + tax
22.5″ x2: $159.84 + tax
22.5″ x3: 239.76 + tax